Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken

The circulation of cryptocurrencies is rapidly gaining momentum. Digital money has become not only a full-fledged means of payment, but also an object of trade along with stocks, precious metals and the world’s leading currencies. Therefore, it is not unusual that numerous cryptocurrency exchanges began to appear. Among them is Kraken, which can be found at for more information.< /p>

Briefly about the exchange

Kraken was originally founded by Jesse Powell. It happened in 2011 in San Francisco. After 2 years, the exchange was launched after detailed development and passing the necessary tests.

Today, Kraken is one of the TOP-5 cryptocurrency trading platforms in terms of traffic and daily trading volume. More than 2.5 million users visit the exchange daily.

In addition to the United States, it is officially accredited in countries such as Canada, Australia, Great Britain and Japan. 116 coins and 500 different pairs are available to users around the world for trading.

Among the strengths of Kraken is the high level of customer support, as well as all the necessary help for beginners. Among the inconveniences, it is worth noting the presence of a verification procedure for future users.

Other options

When choosing a platform for trading, many pay attention to the regulation of its activities.Therefore, on you can see the rating of exchanges patronized by the state .

In this case, there are indeed additional security guarantees for the operations performed. True, users suffer losses in the form of additional commissions and fees.

What to look for for beginners

Today, the family of cryptocurrencies has thousands of representatives. Each of the projects is unique, has its pros and cons. Therefore, for novice investors has collected basic information on digital money. Among them are the following groups:

  • payment systems;
  • stablecoins;
  • smart contract platforms;
  • token exchange.

Some of the tools only function within the framework of the respective exchange. Their presence makes it possible to save on commissions and count on other privileges. There are also meme-coins created under the influence of additional jokes.

Assistance in the selection of financial services.