Ground transportation with medical team

People in another city or country may find themselves in an unpleasant situation that requires their immediate delivery to their homeland. This occurs if the tourist has been seriously injured, seriously ill, and needs immediate and complete medical care. Therefore, tourists turn to such large international organizations as Global Voyager Assistance to protect themselves in advance, drawing up an insurance contract before the trip. By its terms, the tourist is provided with medical assistance, including the organization of qualified medical service, hospitalization, and transportation.

An insured event is a reason for the performance of such an item of the assistance company’s service as repatriation by passenger flight transportation. Travelers who find themselves in an emergency contact the GVA operator with a request to organize their transportation to their homeland. Evacuation is carried out from different countries, which determines the cost of the service and the choice of transportation method. Often, it turns out to be a passenger plane.

How is medical evacuation carried out on a passenger flight?

The company cares about its reputation and the well-being of its customers, carrying out transportation with all the requirements of efficiency, comfort, emergency medical intervention, and medical recommendations. Such a mode of transportation as a passenger or commercial flight, standard or business class, is suitable in several cases.

  • It is required to urgently deliver the victim home thousands of kilometers away for subsequent medical severe measures.
  • If the patient’s condition allows you to do without numerous bulky equipment.
  • According to the doctor’s testimony, the victim can safely transfer the flight.

This is the most budgetary way, which still requires proper and careful organization. The number of seats is determined to conveniently accommodate the patient and the accompanying medical personnel and equipment. A zone is usually allocated in the front or tail section of the aircraft, which is fenced off from the main cabin and passengers. So for the injured tourist, calm, comfortable conditions are created.

The next stage of transportation consists of loading the patient on board the airliner. A particular device with a lifting mechanism is limited in independent movement.

Stretchers mounted on mounts are installed above the passenger seats or dismantled to make room. The patient is accompanied by a medical team, which will monitor him during the flight, using equipment and medicines if necessary. Depending on the patient’s condition, injury or illness, special devices may be used in the form of clamps, holders, handrails, and racks with a dropper.

Organization of medical evacuation of GVA companies

Global Voyager Assistance fully controls the entire process, starting from when the client contacts us. Specialists will contact the doctor to obtain the necessary information, based on which further actions are taken. When choosing such a method as a regular flight, the optimal time of departure and route, the point of departure and arrival are selected, tickets are purchased, equipment rental and services of the accompanying medical team are paid. The GVA team completes all paperwork and oversees the patient’s transportation home.

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