Shopping in the UAE: a guide to oriental shopping

In our time, the United Arab Emirates has become famous not only for an upscale beach holiday, but also for a paradise of extraordinary quality and variety of shopping. To paraphrase a popular phrase, it can be said that «everything is available in the UAE.» And this will not be «fanning the fire», as in the huge shops and traditional oriental markets of Dubai you can find goods for the most capricious taste: from a huge assortment of cosmetics, perfumes and models of things by famous fashion designers, to the latest innovations in household appliances and exclusive furniture. It is not worth talking about jewelry made of expensive metals, because Dubai — definitely an oriental city that knows a lot about decorations.

Why is Dubai so enticing for both merchants and tourists? The answer is quite simple: this is a place of duty-free sale of goods, and taxes on imported goods are only a couple of percent. Undoubtedly, products in Dubai supermarkets are not given away almost for free, but it is very real to find a cool item from the newest collections for half the price than in St. Petersburg or Moscow. By the way, in Dubai it is fashionable to travel not by taxi, but by using bicycles, which you can rent on the website rent a bicycle dubai.

Expensive shops and luxury boutiques are located on the squares of large shopping centers. Trading places are intertwined with cafes and restaurants, extraordinary gardens and fitness centers, beauty salons and cinemas. The price policy in these places is different: from shamelessly huge to quite bearable. In total, the city has approximately 30 huge shopping galleries. Let’s take Mall of the Emirates Mall of the Emirates as an example.

One of these complexes even has its own ski area, which is called Ski Dubai. Unimaginable feelings: outside the window the temperature is +35, and inside there is a lot of snow and meets frost down to -10!

At the same time, the Mall of the Emirates — the largest shopping complex in the East. Under its safe roof, more than 400 stores of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and footwear huddle, which offer all kinds of goods at various prices — from ultra-high to quite normal, as well as 66 cafes and restaurants.

For boys and girls, the Mall of the Emirates offers a wide range of activities in the park of slot machines and attractions.

The center also houses a huge Cinestar Cinema. In addition, other Dubai shopping centers are especially famous among shopaholics from all over the world.