Transfer in Nice: how to get to the city from the airport

Your holiday on the French Côte d’Azur begins with your arrival at Nice Airport. It is the third busiest airport in France airport in France and the main air port on the country’s south coast. You’re passed through customs, your luggage is collected, and an unforgettable holiday awaits you on the comfortable beaches of the warm sea. The distance to the city from the airport is about ten kilometres. And it’s good if you choose services that sent you a travel company provided transfer in Nice. Then you just put your luggage in the car, and you will be taken to the hotel door. Otherwise, it’s OK too. It’sa holiday destination and the infrastructure is geared to accommodate the large influx of tourists. You just have options. They are not many, but you have to make the best choice for yourself.

Public transportIf you arrive relatively light and have a good sense of where you’re going (google maps to the rescue!), it makes sense It’s cheap to get into town by public transport, a tram or a bus. A little hint: Nizza airport is quite big and has two terminals (No1 and No2). There’s a tram stop at both terminals and the bus stop is only at terminal No1 (about 200 meters away). One more hint: between terminals there’s also a bus service that you can take. Again, before you get on the bus study its route carefully to avoid unnecessary changes — otherwise, instead of savings you get the opposite — Otherwise you might end up wasting money and, more importantly, valuable travel time.
TaxiDon’t want to bother with all that geography? No problem, you can take a taxi from the airport. That’s all the more reason to take a taxi from the airport. You have a lot of luggage and 1 or more kids. It’s more convenient than the tram, though more expensive. Obviously, you should know the address of the hotel where you want to stay. You’ll have to talk to the taxi driver and explain where you need to go. Hint: your knowledge of English is unlikely to be of use to you. English-speaking Frenchmen are less common than English-speaking Russians. And even if you find a taxi driver who speaks English, he won’t admit it. And even if you do find a taxi driver who understands Russian, he won’t always admit it. A foreign tourist is easier to «cheat» by taking a longer route, saying he misunderstood the address you gave him. So here’s a tip: Before you travel, print outthe hotel address in French on the printer in large font. This way, you can eliminate the risks of misunderstanding.

One more thing: don’t take a taxi anywhere. Either no one will stop you or you’ll get a «bomber» who will charge you a «wolf» fare. Look for a special car park, where any taxi service will place their cars; at least, you won’t get «wolfed» fares. At least you won’t get cheated. It’s better to book a transfer. Here we go back to the original point of your choice. If it is not available from a travel agent orif you are travelling on your own, you can book your own private transfer in Nice. You can book your own private transfer in Nice. Before you travel, do your research for sites that offer the service in Nice. And if you search for a service in Russian and English, then you will fall out in a search for services that have Russian-and english speaking staff. Agree on everything, agree on a price in advance include it in the budget trip. Then You will be met right at the airport with a sign in English or Russian and you will be saved from unnecessary problems. By the way, you can also book a transfer from Nice to the airport for your return trip home in the same way.